Meet the Team

Steven Bohling

Owner | Instructor

We love Steven because he is professional, patient, knowledgeable, approachable and fun. As a child Steven enjoyed break dancing with his friends and at age 25 he found ballroom dance. Steven has competed across the country and danced for Lucino Poverotti , Placido Damingo  and Sports Illustrated. Although Steven enjoys his chances to travel, he really feels there’s no place like home. Steven has dedicated over 15 years of his life to growing the dance community in Wichita, Kansas. Steven has performed in the Wichita Grand Opera shows: “La Traviata”; “The Merry Widow” and “Carmen”. He is regularly organizing, hosting and participating in local events sponsored by the “Care to Dance?” studio.  Over the last decade Steven has been one of the only dance professionals in Kansas to have competed in all 9 American Dance styles. 

Chie Cline

Studio manager | Instructor

Chie was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan where she worked as a college professor.  Some people were born to dance and others were built to dance -- Chie is one of those amazing people who were built to dance! After moving to America and becoming a mother, Chie took to dance for the same reason as a lot of people, as a way to stay fit and healthy -- and as an outlet for physical expression. Chie started training with Steven Bohling in 2007 where she began learning ballroom and Latin dances. Steven says, “Chie was a quick learner and hard worker; she studied daily and practiced non-stop. Chie was on the floor competing in national events in no time -- it was a really wonderful progression to watch”. To date Chie has competed pro-am in Kansas City and St. Louis, MO and in Savannah GA. Chie has been teaching professionally since 2011. Chie can always be counted on to help in local events sponsored by “Care to Dance?”. Her local performances include: “Dancing with the Local Stars”; “ArtAid”; “Wichita Women’s Fair” and the “Wichita Bridal Fair”. 

Piper Herrington





Gina Nutile





Naxiel Nunez


The best way to describe Naxiel is lots of fun and super-cool! Naxiel was born in the Bronx NY. Naxiel was raised by Dominican parents and started learning Bachata, Salsa and Mambo at an early age. Naxiel first started teaching at a studio in the Bronx and performed at venues all around NYC and in festivals including Salacruise and the Puerto Rico Salsa Congress. Naxiel also joined the Mambo101 pro-team and was able to perform for various artist such as: Tony Vega; El Gran Combo; Victor Manuelle and Sonora Carruseles.  In 2014 Naxiel was stationed at McConnell AFB in Wichita, Kansas and began teaching at “Care to Dance?”. Naxiel is a talented and patient teacher with a great sense of humor. His students feel comfortable with him. Naxiel says, “One of the things I love the most about teaching is seeing my students leave with smiles on their faces, knowing they’ve accomplished something and had a great time”. 

Michael Kendrick


Michael Kendrick is an amazing dance talent who came to us from Texas. Michael may be new to Kansas but he is certainly no stranger to performance and dance. Michael is a dance coach to several of our local professional dancers, and a great instructor to many students at “Care to Dance?”. Michael is certified in International and American styles through the Supreme Gold Level. Michael’s dancing career started early. As a youth, Mexican hat dances, Broadway numbers, belly dancing, square dancing, round dancing, country, jazz, ballet, modern and ballroom were all a part of his dance repertoire. In addition to dance, Michael also participated in gymnastics, martial arts and became a certified yoga and aerobics instructor. Michael is a member of “Dance Masters of America” and “Dance Educators of America”. Michael toured nationally in “Grease” as Sonny LaTierre and in China as a choreographer, soloist and singer. Michael also trained in the Shanghai Ballet in Break-dancing and American Swing. Although Michaels’ talents are big and his dance resume is long, the thing we love most about him is his compassion and kindness toward others. 

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Trisston Tracy


Jenny Blackburn


Michael Ernst


Abby Anthony